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Alzheimer’s disease means progressive, relentless, and ultimately fatal brain failure. It ravages a person’s memory and identity and can cripple families left as caregivers. Today more than 5 million Americans have the disease, but those numbers are about to rise dramatically. As the Baby Boom generation grows older and more individuals than ever reach the age of risk, a frightening public health crisis looms.

But has anyone noticed? In comparison to cancer, heart disease and AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease greatly lags in research funding, media attention, and celebrity activism.

Narrated by Tony and Emmy award-winning actor Edward Herrmann, Alzheimer’s Disease: Facing the Facts is a new one-hour documentary that examines the personal and societal implications of the illness, and the latest research. Through profiles of families living with Alzheimer’s and interviews with doctors and investigators on the front lines, the documentary shows how this overlooked disease threatens to crush America's health care system, and spirit.